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DEEP-WRINKLE REDUCER – 60+ night cream for dry and sensitive skin

DEEP-WRINKLE REDUCER – 60+ night cream for dry and sensitive skin

A sumptuous night cream which fights deep wrinkles - stimulates the genes to resume the production of SIRT1 youth proteins. Due to its state-of-the-art POLYMER STRUCTURE, its rich consistency notwithstanding, the cream doesn’t weigh down the skin during night rest and guarantees a fresh, well-rested morning look. 

YOUTH GENES ACTIVATOR stimulates the genes in the skin and restores its ability to produce the SIRT1 proteins which increase cell longevity, prevent ageing, and counteract increasing stiffness of collagen fibres. This results in a spectacular revival of the skin and filling in of up to 39% of all, even very deep and prominent, wrinkles

FERULIC ACID encapsulated in highly specialised cytovectors penetrates deeper layers of the skin and inhibits pigmentation processes (the so-called melanogenesis). This leads to gradual fading of most spots and disclourations and to a markedly more even complexion. 

CERAMIDE-2 rebuilds the epidermal lipid layer which protects the delicate, dry skin from excessive drying and tautening. 

Age: from 60+ years old
Capacity: 50 ml

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