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BIOACTIVE DERMO LIFT – Lifting day cream

BIOACTIVE DERMO LIFT – Lifting day cream

BIOACTIVE DERMO LIFT – Lifting day cream with snow algae extract. Intense wrinkle smoothing. Produces a spectacular smoothing effect on the skin, palpably increasing its firmness and tension. Reverses ageing processes in the skin by improving its microstructure and supporting regeneration. Reduces the visibility of wrinkles, pores, and imperfections leaving the skin looking healthy and rejuvenated.

Innovative lifting complex, rich in polysaccharides from the sorghum plant extract. Ensures an instant, yet long-lasting lifting effect, corrects the microstructure of the skin, and markedly reduces wrinkles. Effectively supples and moisturises the skin.

Protective and strengthening complex formulated with the snow algae extract and soothing ingredients, which supports natural regenerative processes in the skin. Day by day, restores energy balance in the skin, ensures a healthy complexion, and reduces imperfections, at the same time creating the effect of a matt finish. 

Age: from 30 years old
Capacity: 50 ml

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