A line of rejuvenating and perfecting preparations
Lifting and perfecting day cream for 55+ skin

Lifting and perfecting day cream with SakuraSatureja extract of cherry and savoury; for 55+ skin

Produces a powerful rejuvenating effect, dramatically reducing wrinkles, firming, suppling, and tautening the skin. Evens out and delicately mattifies the complexion, at the same time ensuring the optimal level of moisturising to give the skin a healthy appearance.

Polysaccharide-rich lifting complex obtained from the sorghum plant, which produces a powerful smoothing effect. Reduces the depth of wrinkles, conceals them, and prevents the formation of new signs of ageing. Palpably improves skin elasticity and hydration.  

Rebuilding plant complex, which stimulates collagen production in the skin and renews the epidermal junction. Activates repair mechanisms in the skin, thus enhancing its cohesion and firmness. Marvellously regenerates the skin, making it more even and beautiful.

Capacity: 50 ml + 100 ml

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