A line of rejuvenating and perfecting preparations
Smoothing and perfecting under-eye cream

Smoothing and perfecting under-eye cream with SakuraSatureja extract of cherry and savoury

Intensely smooths and renews the skin during night rest. Reduces wrinkles, improves the microstructure of the epidermis, and restores skin elasticity. Soothing and corrective ingredients guarantee an even complexion and a fresh, well-rested morning look. 

Intensely regenerating pro-lipid complex. Stimulates collagen production in the skin, markedly reducing the depth and area of even very prominent wrinkles. Wonderfully firms the sleeping skin for a silky-smooth morning look.

A complex of witch-hazel bark extract and soothing ingredients which strengthens the capillaries and alleviates irritations. Reduces redness to give the skin a beautiful, healthy tone.

Capacity: 50 ml + 100 ml

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