These BIODEGRADABLE SHEET masks, created to resemble Japanese masks with the image of a beautiful GEISHA and of the MANEKI-NEKO Lucky Cat, will turn a beautifying treatment into a fantastic, relaxing game and put you in a good mood.
Maneki-Neko Detoxifying & Regenerating mask with Gotu Kola 'After-work relax' effect

Maneki-Neko Detoxifying & Regenerating mask with Gotu Kola 'After-work relax' effect

Japanese SPA – A detoxifying and regenerating sheet mask with an image of the Japanese Lucky Cat. Saturated with 20 ml of serum rich in ingredients inspired by the Japanese art of skin care.

Tiger Grass extract which has an exceptional ability to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin and to reduce wrinkles. It wonderfully smooths the surface of the skin.

Green caviar from the Japanese Umibudo alga. It marvellously revitalises the skin and has anti-wrinkle properties. It is also a superb moisturiser.

Natural marine minerals obtained from ocean depths, which remove signs of fatigue and stress from the skin. They powerfully remineralise, strengthen, detoxify, and purify the skin.

Directions for use: Unfold the mask and carefully apply it to cleansed skin, imprint on the outside. Gently press the mask to your face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. After that remove the material and pat excess serum into the skin. Apply 1-3 times a week.

Ёмкость: 1 mask (20 ml)

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