YOSKINE SLIM SHOCK to produkty w trendzie beauty minimalizmu - Less-is-more.


Professional 5% COLLAGEN concentrate to intensely firm and rejuvenate the skin of the body. Thanks to the high content of sea collagen, it effectively improves the firmness, smoothness and elasticity of the skin, quickly eliminating the loss of tension and laxity. It fills the skin from the inside, perfectly tones, lifts and rejuvenates. Also ideal for dry skin.

5% COLLAGEN - highly concentrated sea collagen to restore a youthful appearance, firmness, and tension to the skin. It marvellously moisturises, has a powerful rebuilding effect, and counteracts sagging skin.
OLIVE GLYCERIDES – a special oily fraction of olive oil which helps to quickly improve the condition of the skin, including dry and very dry skin, by intensively moisturizing, nourishing, and smoothing the epidermis.

Directions for use: Every evening massage the preparation into the skin of the body, using your whole hand to apply pulsating pressure. Pay special attention to areas most prone to loss of firmness (breasts, décolletage, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms). Use regularly.

Ёмкость: 200 ml

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