YOSKINE SLIM SHOCK to produkty w trendzie beauty minimalizmu - Less-is-more.


Professional, 5% concentrate of PURE CAFFEINE for persons with advanced stages of different types of cellulite, including aqueous and adipose cellulite. The preparation produces an exceptionally intensive effect, minimising the appearance of even big clusters of fat cells which manifest as unevenness and lumps on the skin. It helps to slim the body and reduce unwanted curves. It leaves the skin thoroughly moisturized, firmed, and smoothed.

CAFFEINE 5% – highly concentrated caffeine effectively eliminates cellulite, slims, and supports natural lymphatic drainage, stimulating microcirculation. It improves the texture of the skin, which instantly becomes visibly smoother.

COFFEE OIL – green coffee oil, rich in caffeic acid, helps to quickly improve the condition of the skin, smoothing, firming, and slowing down aging processes.

Directions for use: In the morning and in the evening, massage the preparation into areas affected by or prone to cellulite. To increase its effectiveness, combine application with a massage or dry brushing. Use regularly.

Ёмкость: 200 ml

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