A line of cosmetics rich in active cleansing ingredients, created to give the skin a fresh, radiant appearance.
Rejuvenating IONTO-Dermabrasion

Rejuvenating IONTO-Dermabrasion – Sapphire exfoliation for normal and combination skin

Revolutionary blend of the purifying IN’DETOX complex and a sapphire exfoliator for a spectacularly rejuvenated skin. 

Produces effects akin to professional exfoliating and rejuvenating treatments. 

This luxurious formulation, enhanced by the ANTI-AGE YO’SAPPHIRE complex, effectively removes dead epidermal cells uncovering new skin – noticeably smoother and fresh, and stimulates cell self-regeneration, restoring a healthy tone and a youthful look to the skin. 

Capacity: 75 ml

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