A line of rejuvenating and perfecting preparations
Anti-wrinkle perfecting day cream for 45+ skin

Anti-wrinkle perfecting day cream with SakuraSatureja extract of cherry and savoury; for 45+ skin

Effectively reduces and conceals wrinkles, at the same time intensely smoothing and moisturising the skin. Advanced beautifying ingredients minimise the appearance of enlarged pores and imperfections to guarantee an even skin tone and a healthy, glowing complexion.

Anti-wrinkle phytocomplex formulated with cherry and savoury extracts, which firms, supples, and moisturises the skin. Combined with silky spherical particles, it creates the “blur effect”, camouflaging imperfections and enlarged pores and smoothing the skin.

Beautifying complex with MoambeJaune tree extract, powder micropearls, and a soothing agent. Evens out the skin tone and reduces sebum secretion, giving the skin a flawlessly smooth, velvety finish. 

Capacity: 50 ml + 100 ml

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