Yoskine CLASSIC Innovative line of anti-wrinkle cosmetics
MAX SKIN REGENERATOR – 50+ night cream for normal and dry skin

MAX SKIN REGENERATOR – 50+ night cream for normal and dry skin

A luxurious cream which uses the leading-edge technology of spontaneous skin cell regeneration to fight prominent wrinkles. Innovative LIPID STRUCTURE of the cream doesn’t weigh down the skin at night and guarantees a fresh, well-rested morning look.

NANOPLATINUM PEPTIDE penetrates deeper layers of the epidermis to boost the synthesis of type i and III collagen and stimulate self-regeneration processes in the skin. The result is a dramatic reduction in the number, length, and depth of both vertical and horizontal wrinkles, even the deepest and most prominent ones.

ß-GLUCAN supports the skin’s natural defence systems, significantly slowing down the processes of biological ageing in the skin. This leads to increased skin elasticity and marked improvement in tensions and firmness. 

REDNESS REDUCER C and WHITE GRAPE EXTRACT strengthen and shrink capillaries, preventing their breaking, eliminating redness, and soothing the skin. 

Age: from 50+ years old
Capacity: 50 ml

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